• 2011
  • May
  • 23

Pontifical Mass with the Nuncio

Yesterday we were honoured to have the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Berloco as celebrant. This is the second Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Brussels this year. The first was in January and was celebrated by Archbishop Léonard. It is good to have some good news from Belgium! More than 400 people were present. Every space was filled with chairs, and the ceremony was transmitted to another hall for those who arrived too late to find a place.

He was able to confirm the children ( over 30) from our school- and also some of their parents. There were also 25 First Holy Communions. At our school the 250 children are all used to this rite and would feel lost elsewhere.

Afterwards there was a reception in the magnificent parc of the convent. Our next big event is Corpus Christi.

We are very grateful to the Nuncio who was at the origin of our Institute being given this church and the appointment of Canon Hudson as rector.

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